Erotic Haiku
Steve Mount

Many of these haiku were featured on the Pure Beauty Blog in February and March, 2008.

The earliest of these was written in 2001. I've added to the collection as the mood strikes. I also wrote a collection about the seasons.

skin soft to the touch
the rise and fall of her breast
my gentle caress

hair soft but wiry
my fingers brush by quickly
seeking her soft petals

tasting salty wet
still thirsting, my tongue pursues
her hot sweat again

her arm touches mine
a cool breeze flows from my lips
subtle goosebumps rise

a wet explorer
seeking new taste and texture
eyes find each other

hard flesh meets soft flesh
electric arcs of pleasure
in the dark, a cry

dangling hair tickles
surprise appears in her eyes
gently I knead flesh

darkness underneath
soft hands grasping at the air
I drink of her cup

wrapped in soft pink silk
comfortable warmth engulfs
sighing, I submit

white cotton stretches
a triangle hiding her
darkened by moist flesh

hard edges leave lines
rising high on her soft thighs
a path to pleasure

tightly her legs close
her refusal enticing
breathlessly I plea

in her sleep she moves
her leg brushes against mine
I feel myself rise

my tongue in her folds
I drink in her warm wetness
her hand on my head

thumb and forefinger
gently spreading her pink folds
glistening softness

sweat dampens our sheets
your soft body and warm breath
echo in my mind

I hope you notice
my unexpected firmness
your scent calls to me

Gently our eyes meet.
Ocean-blue, wide. Beautiful.
Eyes I could swim in.

These are erotic, not X-rated, so don't complain! I wrote the first batch on a whim, inspired by a haiku-like poem a friend suggested to me. Other batches were added as my mind wandered southward.

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