Steve Mount

Nighttime is a time for darkness.
The sun has gone to rest, gone to
Illuminate the other side of the Earth.
Nighttime is a time for sleep, homework,
Television, movies, and making love.
With nighttime comes a time to forget.
The time to put the day behind you.
The time for reflection, contemplation,
Fantasies, and dreams.
It is both a time to be alone
And a time to be with someone.
Children are afraid of the dark.
It is because they are alone.
Vulnerable. Monsters come out in the dark.
As they get older, darkness loses its terror.
Adults rarely fear the dark the way children do.
They learn to appreciate it.
For it is a time to forget work or school.
But they also fear it.
Especially if they are alone.
Then you are given time to think.
Think about how life would be with someone else;
To have the comfort of someone sleeping next to you.
And you wish there was someone.
But if there is someone beside you,
Someone you love, then nighttime
Becomes something to look forward to.
Nighttime becomes love.
Nighttime is a time for love.

This poem was written in 1987, in the throes of teen angst.

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