A Prince, and his best bud
Steve Mount

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!"
What in the hell is she doing up there?
You say she is beautiful, soft as a flower,
But, my dear friend, she's stuck in a tower!

"Skin of silk, eyes so bright green."
Climbing her hair to a mezzanine.
It just sounds like so much work.
Find some other girl, don't be a jerk!

"She's under the spell of an wicked old witch."
Maybe she's up there 'cause she's an unstable bitch.
All the more reason to call it off now.
You're a prince, for God's sake, tell this chick "Ciao!"

Come on, give it up, she's not worth it, don't be a fool.
I've got a girl, with a sister, who's dying to meet you.
C'mon, let's go, we'll party all night!
"Aw, hell, screw her, let's go - you're right!"

This poem was written for a poetry group, in July, 2000. The idea for the poem was Fairy Tales.

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