Twitter Haiku
Steve Mount

Twitter, with its short 140-character limit, is a perfect place to post haiku. They, by design, are short and to the point. I decided to post haiku to Twitter whenever so moved. The date each haiku was posted is noted under the haiku. To follow me, find user "steve802" and search for the hashtag TwitterHaiku.

Blue, eating alone
The silence is deafening
Are you lonely, too?
-- 15 Apr 2011

A flash of silver
It could be - alas, it's not
Just wishful thinking
-- 15 Apr 2011

The telephone rings
My stomach - the knot tightens
Nervously: "Hello?"
-- 16 Apr 2011

Memories persist
A strand of hair out of place
A freckle beckons
-- 16 Apr 2011

A drop of wine falls
It draws me; I want to taste
A drop of sweat falls
-- 16 Apr 2011

Check, then check again
Impatiently I await
Do you await me?
-- 16 Apr 2011

Finding my center
Calm in the midst of chaos
White light shines; ablaze
-- 16 Apr 2011

The fire of love slows
The smallest things stoke the flames
A soft look warms me
-- 17 Apr 2011

Memories of you
In everything new I feel
Sun, sky, wind, water
-- 19 Apr 2011

High, high in the sky
The entire world below
Still I feel you there
-- 21 Apr 2011

Eyes caught by your glow
Jealously, stars shine harder
Beckon to me, please
-- 21 Apr 2011

Smile crooked, eye wink
One look at me and I melt
Is it on purpose?
-- 22 Apr 2011

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