Why Live?
Steve Mount

For love, I'll do anything.
I always thought that giving love
Meant getting love.
Now I know that's not true.
Sometimes, in fact, probably usually,
Giving love means hurt.
Love given usually is not in the same amount
As love acquired.
If you love someone,
You run the risk of rejection.
The risk of pain.
Of heartache.
My heart aches.
I am ready for commitment.
Why is it that things in life
Are not always as you wish?
Why can't it be?
Why can't love given away by you
Be equal to love given back?
Why is life so unfair?
Why is life so painful?
Why live?
For the possibility
That someday
Love given
Will equal
Love given.

This poem was written in 1987, in the throes of teen angst.

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Last Modified: 17 Sep 1998

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