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I am Steve Mount (or, more formally Stephen JJ Mount), a programmer for fun and profit.

I had an online tussle with LucasFilm over my domain name, Tatooine.com. Read about it.

You can view me working, or other goings on, on my WebCam Page. You can see a few photos of the family, too. The entire family has a blog that we're maintaining.

In March, 2003, my name was on the ballot for the Williston School Board. Unfortunately, I did not win the election. I created a page in support of that effort, and will leave it online for reference purposes.

I live in Williston, Vermont. I have a nice little family, with my wife Karen, daughter Brittany, and twin sons Jacob and Ryan. I work at the GE Healthcare, at the IDX campus (IDX was acquired by GE in January 2006). I am a software engineer (fancy name for programmer) and I do programming at home. I always think that this is sort of funny, since I went to school (UVM, Class of 1989) to be a Political Scientist. I've done side work for Paradigm Consulting, and ran and hosted the now-defunct Mos Eisley Spaceport web-based BBS.

Looking for custom programs written in C for DOS or Unix? Looking for CGI written in Perl, C, or shell scripts? Data conversion? Communications? JavaScript? Come hither.

Via email, I can be reached at: steve@saltyrain.com

If you are a user of one of my programs, my fax number can be found on my Software Page.

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