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Below are HTML versions of much of my writing through the years, both poetry and short stories. As you can see, there are times of great literary drought, and times of literary abundance. I'm unpredictable like that.

I've written a novel for middle-school aged girls. It has its own page: Firmness of Rock

My extended short story, Janie, is available for sale in printed form. Janie is available from CreateSpace. Janie is also available for sale for the Kindle.

Note: Much of my non-poetry work is available below as PalmPilot Doc files for use with AportisDoc or TealDoc!. These Doc files can also be read on a Kindle.

Title Category Length Rating Added PalmPilot
Twitter Haiku Poetry Ever-changing PG 19 Apr 2011 No
Mouse Slayer Fiction 1500 words PG 09 Feb 2011 No
Haiku - The Seasons Poetry 50 words PG 09 Apr 2008 No
The Last Prayer Non-Fiction 2200 words PG 21 Apr 2006 No
Losing Grandpa Non-Fiction 5500 words PG 14 May 2003 Yes
Erotic Haiku Poetry 200 words PG-13 29 May 2001
Updated infrequently
If only I'd fixed that leak Poetry 65 words PG 13 Sep 2000 No
Sometimes Poetry 215 words PG 17 Aug 2000 No
A Prince, and his best bud Poetry 140 words PG 17 Aug 2000 No
Epilog Poetry 120 words PG-13 16 Aug 2000 No
Haiku #1 Poetry 14 words PG-13 16 Aug 2000 No
The Account Fiction 14,000 words R 03 Jul 2000 Yes
Children at Play Poem 200 words G 15 Jan 2000 No
A Good Friend Drama 900 words PG 11 Jan 2000 Yes
In the Chair Sci-Fi 3700 words R 10 Jan 2000 Yes
A History Sci-Fi 1000 words PG 13 Nov 1999 Yes
A Strange Discussion Drama 900 words PG-13 22 Oct 1999 Yes
Trees, Rocks, Water, Sky Poetry 120 words G 12 Sep 1999 No
The Empty Seat Drama 2400 words R 08 Sep 1998 Yes
Nighttime Poetry 200 words G 08 Sep 1998 No
Why Live? Poetry 150 words G 08 Sep 1998 No
I've Learned Poetry 150 words G 08 Sep 1998 No
On the Lake Horror 7800 words PG-13 22 Mar 1998 Yes
The Monster Under the Bed Horror 2200 words PG-13 22 Mar 1998 Yes
The Killer Joke Drama 1800 words R 11 Aug 1997 Yes
Morning Poetry 100 words PG 17 Jul 1997 No
Work Hard for No Pay Poetry 200 words G 17 Jul 1997 No
And it Was Hot Drama 3500 words PG-13 15 Jul 1997 Yes

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